Mobile App

A good app is not about the technology, it is about the IDEA
The mobile App has become a new avenue for conducting business. Our development team specialises in building device/platform specific app using either Swift, Java or Objective-C. We also have solid experience in the cloud application development. Combining the two, our clients are always getting the best return on their mobile investment.
There are different types of mobile apps which serve best for different purposes:
Native App
This is the most common mobile app which is tied to its operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows). Coding languages are derived from the original operating systems, such as Swift/Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android. If you are strictly concerned about the User Interface and Interactivity, and your application is mainly used offline, a native app will offer a better user experience.
* Programming languages:Swift, Objective-C, Java
Web App
It is defined as a website that mimics a native app. Created in a browser-supported programming languages (JavaScript, HTML and CSS) and relies on mobile browsers to render the application. A lot of testing work should be done before product rollout, to certify whether it displays well in various mobile browsers, e.g. safari, chrome, firefox, etc. A web app requires no download and no installation. Owner has direct control over the application's distribution and cost advantages are usually the main reasons for launching a Web app.
* Programming languages:JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Hybrid App
Hybrid Apps are partial native app and partial web app. This type of app is coded in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to present a UI web view and then transformed with cross platform mobile development tools to work as a native app. They not only take advantage of native app to improve user interface, but also benefit from web app in that they allow cross-platform development and thus significantly reduce development costs. Hybrid app has already been widely adopted in a lot of apps on App Store/ Google Play. However, its functionality is somewhat restricted by those cross platform mobile development tools.
* Programming languages:Swift, Objective-C, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

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