MediKAre CMS

MediKAre CMS

MediKAre CMS is a mature clinic management solution that you need to optimize resources utilization and information management. Professionals, doctors and nurses are therefore able to spend more time on providing practical helps to patients. Its comprehensive functions in clinic management include:

Queue Management

  • Nurses can track patients from appointment, arrival, consultation to payment settlement at the Patient Queue
  • By selecting arrived patient, Patient Master shows patient detailed information for reviewing
  • Notification to doctors for patient arrival in one click

Inventory Control

  • First-in-first-out stock management allows keep tracking on all medical suppliers
  • Transaction details of selected drugs are recorded in inventory list
  • Supplier details can be added, delete or modified easily for further reviewing
  • Allow multiple inventory, separate inventory records of clinic an doctor
  • All drug information including on-hand quantity, using rate, expiry date and suppliers are recorded in drug list

Customized billing

  • Easy to break the bill into smaller vouchers to meet patient needs
  • Support multiple payment items with different payment types

Instant Communication

  • Immediate follow-up action allows doctor to notify nurse that there will be follow up sessions
  • Message will be popup in the systems instantly, so as to enhance the efficiency of communication between doctor and nurse

Smart Printing

  • Allows fast and efficient print out of hard copy by a simple click on the print button
  • Equipped with a variety of pre-set printing sizes
  • For example, A4 or A3 for Consultation Letters and Sales History, A5 for Bills and A6 for Drug Labels, etc
  • Different from most similar software, the complicated printer settings do not need to be changed every time
  • Several types of letter templates are available
  • Flexible in modifying original template or building new templates for self-use

Convenient Prescription

  • The most used Drug list and Search-as-you-type application allows faster adding drugs to a prescription
  • Flexible in entering dosage, frequency, duration, quantity, instruction and advisory
  • Drug labels can be shown in Chinese or English to ensure clear instructions to patients
  • Automatically check against drug allergy