Windows Application

In order to help our clients efficiently managing their business, we offer Windows software to deliver operational excellence in every segment of the company.
The benefit of this kind of apps are that no Internet connection is needed, thus promise you a more reliable, less risk environment. Also, we will provide free demos and tutorials for our clients.
In the year of 2007, our team built a data powerhouse (MediKAre CMS) for medical units to store patient records, and also other six free plug-ins (MediKArd、 MediQueue、MediMAGE Reporter、EyeKAre、MediNote、MedBooking) to help present and deliver data.
MediKAre CMS now enjoys great popularity not only in hundreds of clinics in Hong Kong, but also in Macau Sport Development Board.
Application framework: Visual Studio, .NET framework
language: C#, Visual basic, C++