Cloud Application

The business environment is transforming. Many businesses have already extended their businesses from offline to online. We are expertise in developing Cloud and Single Page Application for different business sectors. In order to help our clients to faster rollout their online strategy, we have developed an in-house Single Page Application (iSPA) framework to greatly shorten the development time.
Questwork has existing software products for education and healthcare sectors. Ranging from ELMO e-learning-for students doing exercise online, EdKAre-for education center operation, to ecMail-for company secretary, to name a few. We are also offering tailor-made solutions for other business sectors.
Cloud applications differentiate with Windows applications in that: no installation is needed; all data is safe in server; less maintaining cost; quicker response to bugs and updates; faster rollout;anytime anywhere service. While all solutions rely heavily on infrastructure.
Application framework: node.js
UI developing language: HTML5, CSS and JavaScript
Database: MongoDB